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How to recover a corrupted archive of the RAR format?

Boxshot of Recovery Toolbox for RARNowadays RAR archives are often used to store and transfer information. It is very convenient, but there is always a risk of corrupting compressed files. In this case they won't open and all information in them becomes unavailable. You can solve this problem with Recovery Toolbox for RAR (download). This tool was specifically developed for extracting information from corrupted archives of the RAR format. It works with all variants of this format and can recover data from archives and corrupt rar files with various compression rates and created in different software. Besides, it allows you to recover information from corrupt archives and corrupt rar files stored on removable media or on remote computers (tool can fix rar file via the local area network). Recovery Toolbox for RAR helps to fix errors:

  • The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
  • CRC check failure
  • Unexpected end of file

How to repair RAR file?

The user interface is implemented as a step-by-step repair RAR file wizard. It is very convenient because you have to do only one operation in each step. The first step of repair RAR file procedure comes down to selecting the source corrupted RAR archive. To do it, you can use Windows Explorer filtering .rar files (regular archives) or .exe files (self-extracting archives). After you select the source archive, you can move on to the next step. Click the Next button to do it. Once you do it, RAR repair tool starts scanning and analyzing the selected corrupted file and you can see a special progress bar on the screen showing you the progress of this process. The time needed to extract information depends on the performance of the computer, the amount of free system resources and the size of the source archive. Tool is the answer on question: How to fix RAR file? With Recovery Toolbox for RAR, you can extract information even from those compressed files that are protected with a password.

How to open a corrupted RAR file?

After the analysis of the corrupted archive is over, Recovery Toolbox for RAR displays the list of files and folders that it could detect. Its window is divided into two parts in this step. The left part displays the tree of folders stored in the corrupted archive and the right part displays the contents of the currently selected folder. To make it more usable, it is displayed as a table where rows are files and columns are their properties: the name, compressed and usual sizes, the shift of the header and the file, the error name and the checksum.

How to recover RAR file?

But the most important thing is special colored icons next to all files. They are used to show the probability of their recovery. The thing is that RAR repair tool cannot guarantee that the rar fixer tool will extract all information stored in a corrupted RAR archive. In case of serious damages, it is simply impossible to recover some files. That is why it is very convenient to see the probability of recovering the contents of a corrupted archive. Files that will certainly be extracted have blue !, those files whose recovery is questionable have yellow ! and those files that cannot be recovered have red !.

How to recovery RAR file?

While viewing the contents of the source RAR archive, you can select only those to fix RAR files and folder that you need for recovery. Special checkboxes next to file names are used for that. To make this process easier, Recovery Toolbox for RAR has three buttons: Check All (select all objects), Check Good (select all objects that can certainly be recovered) and Uncheck All (clear the selection). After you select the data you need to recover, you can move to the next step where you should select the directory to save all files and folders extracted from the archive to.

Recover rar corrupted files

By default, the tool offers you to create a new folder in the directory where the corrupted archive is located and name it the same as the source file with _rar_repaired added to it. But you are not required to use it. You can either manually enter any folder that you need into the field or select a folder using the standard Windows dialog box.

After you move to the next step, RAR fix tool starts the process of saving the information. During this process there may be a situation when the specified directory already contains folders or files with the same names as those of files and folders in the corrupted archive. In this case, the tool will display a dialog box asking you whether existing objects should be overwritten or not. After the rar fixer tool finishes saving the information, Recovery Toolbox for RAR displays a report with complete information about this process. Now you can close the tool and start working with the recovered data.

So, this is how you can easily and quickly recover information from corrupted archives of the RAR format using RAR fix tool. And indeed, this format is nowadays one of the most popular methods of archiving folders and files in two cases. First, when some information becomes unnecessary for a while. In this case you can archive it to reduce the space it occupies on the hard drive. And second, when you need to carry some data on any removable media or send it through various communications channels. And in both cases there is a risk that archives will get corrupted. The risk is especially large when you transfer information over the Internet (for example, when you send it by e-mail, download it from FTP servers, etc.) because even a small connection problem during the transfer may corrupt the file. The situation is almost the same with removable media. For example, a small scratch on a CD or DVD can result in part of your archive being corrupted. It is not even safe to simply store files on the hard drive of the computer. They can be corrupted as a result of a failure in the operating system or some software, failures in the hard drive, etc. And you may fail to open your archive as a result of any of the above situations. And it makes all information stored in it unavailable. That is why Recovery Toolbox for RAR is truly a very useful rar recover tool.

Note: Recovery Toolbox for RAR don't recover passwords for RAR files. The RAR recovery software prompts enter passorwd for a recovered RAR files from customers.
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